Kubé Nice cream

book layout &

package redesign

the product

kubé nice cream is an organic coconut pulp based ice cream that promotes feelings of "liberation, joy, revitalized energy, restoration, and truth."

emily romero design is introducing a new energetic and sustainable packaging for kubé’s nice cream flavors! Not only does this design jump off the shelves with its bright colors but it aligns with company values, mission and personality that customers love.

the process

inspired by the photos taken by alexandra zenner photography, i wanted to being the bright/bold personality to kubé's brand. i designed this short packaging presentation originally as a passion project. it was eventually shared with kai nortey, ceo and co-founder of kubé, who fell in love and is looking for emily romero design to rebrand her packaging in the summer of 2021.

below is the previous design and branding for kubé