HUman's are f*cking awesome

concept development,

social media & motion graphics

production: adobe photoshop, illustrator, after effects & instagram

the product

in response to all the negative news and 2020's first stay at home order, entrepreneur miki agrawal gathered a team of designers and writers to develop human's are f*cking awesome (hafa). this social media page aims to promote human made positivity and perseverance despite quarentine.

my role on this team is founding and producing a weekly good news segment, good f*cking news, for both hafa and new york media publisher

to learn more about hafa or nominate your own f*cking awesome human (fah) on instagram click here -> @humansarefuckinawesome

the intentions behind the hafa

brand was not only to inform people about positive things but to bring positivity and happiness to their news feed. this is primarily through the colorful designs, fun shapes, images as well as interactive text posts and stories to engage with the audience. over time the team has learned to design with the social media algorithms by posting carousel posts, IGTV and gifs.

the ongoing process of good news and working with our team of designers has lead to a constantly changing design between adding illustrations, adjusting color schemes, modifying the collage style, maintaining consistency within all aspects of the social media profile as well as maintaining global communication on these things.

hafa's colors are more than just a visual appeal. each of the 4 main hues represent different ways that humans spread positivity: love, creativity, spirit and advancement. our fah's (f*cking awesome humans) are highlighted with the color that best fits how their community has recognized them for being a f*cking awesome person in this world!