Feel your soul

exhibit design, brand

expansion & product design

the product

the 'on wheels experience' is an opportunity for feel your soul to bring their company off of the screen and interact with their community while also promoting their values and newest product: converse roller skates!

the small pop-up space includes a workshop, lounge, and photo-op spaces within 2 shipping containers in order to maximize the brand values of enjoying life, living in the moment, and "feeling your soul."

production: sketchup, adobe illustrator, indesign & yumpu

feel your soul promotes spontaneity and a thrill for enjoying life to their online audience of 16-28 year olds. so, the imagery for this brand is "adventure based" with warm toned filters, retro display typography and illustrations. these artistic choices connote a sense of both nostalgia and mystery that relate to the 'freedom' of the 70s as well as the freedom we have in our dreams.

"life is about doing what you love, because if we are not, what's the point? chase your dreams and never let anyone tell you otherwise."

-jacob zander, founder and ceo of feel your soul

the process

this 2 month long project started with research into the company's branding, values, business style, and how this pop up could benefit them or expand their company's audience, presence, and business.

the design process included rounds of sketches, ideation and moodboard development until the final pop up was determined, rendered and developed.