birdlife x hydroflask

biomimicry, product

design & sustainablility

the product

In an effort to bring awareness on bird conservation for birdlife international, my team and I proposed a partnership with hydro flask to release a limited edition series. this series would highlight 5 different endangered birds from 5 different ecosystems etched into a bottle that was designed with each birds iconic color schemes. all proceeds from this bottle would go to conservation efforts and raising money for birdlife international.

production: adobe photoshop, illustrator, after effects, procreate, slack and zoom

the process

after extensive research into endangered birds, conservation, life's principles, birdlife, sustainable tactics and the client's budget we developed causal loops and started mind mapping out this project. a causal loop, as seen to the right, highlights the effects of our actions and designs. In order to have a sustainable plan it was important that every action and branch created a cycle.

through our mind mapping process we developed various ideas in order to promote bird conservation; including: social media strategies, movie previews, pop up experiences , etc. but ultimately the partnership with hydro flask was both budget friendly and used a resource already successfully promoted to the public and valued within environmentally focused demographics.

this limited series with hydro flask includes educational labels focusing on the birds, birdlife's purpose and product information. this series would highlights 5 endangered birds through their colors, etchings and their natural ecosystem printed on the label. all proceeds from this product launch would fundraise birdlife's conservation efforts.