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as part of an independent study to learn more about branding design, i rebranded aveo aerospace with a modern, metallic modular logo that represents the specialized parts that they make and resell for the aviation industry. aveo aerospace wanted a professional brand that stood out from the patriotic colors regularly associated with commercial airlines and other aviation based companies as well as a logo that reflects their company values of quality engineering,

production: adobe illustrator, photoshop, indesign & after effects

the inspiration behind this rebrand comes from the specialized pieces and parts needed for airplanes. the engineering requires varying metals, electrical wiring, and specifially designed parts in order for an airplane to take flight. we wanted a design that represents this. the modular aspect of this logo can be disassembled to create a pattern or visually imply a pile of tools or parts that might be associated with building things or engineering.

this brand guideline book for aveo aerospace (animated above) covers the colors, effects, typography, and imagery associated with the brand. it also goes into extensive detail on logo and logotype proportions, clear space, variations as well as dos and don'ts on logo modifications. this is for the in house marketing or design team to follow and maintain the originally designed branding.

because this is a business to business company the stationary and letterhead has a simple design but still highlights the contrast of this branding in relationship to it's competitors. this is primarily through the materials used, for example the metallic affects applied to business cards or black and yellow paper shown above.